Childrens Sewing

A Huge Welcome to Hope & Gloria Sewing

Here at Hope & Gloria we are positively passionate about sewing. Every week the Hope & Gloria Team work to inspire a whole new generation in our school sewing clubs which run in the Surrey and Berkshire area.
We recognise that sewing is great way for childrens’ creative talents to flourish and each week we welcome over 600 sewing enthusiasts to our lunchtime and our after school clubs.

Our regular School Holiday Workshops are a great way to spend a creative couple of hours during the hols. Take a look at our forthcoming schedule.

We believe sewing is for everybody and our clubs are designed with total beginners and improvers in mind so that all club members can get the benefit from creating a project from start to finish.
There is no limit to a child’s creativity at a Hope & Gloria Club.

Childrens Sewing Club Cushions


Best half term projects ever...

October is one of our businest times as we prepare for Xmas sewing clubs. Ensure you get a space here


We are recruiting...

We are delighted to be expanding the Hope & Gloria Team. Sewing leaders and production assitants are required for schools in East Berkshire and North Surrey. If you think you have got what it takes to become a member of our lovely team then please get insewing clubs nearly sold out touch on 0845 474 1015 or email keeley@hopeandgloria.commore details here

Our Blog

If you are looking for ideas for creations to make at home why not take a look at our fantastic blog at It is bursting with creative ideas for young and old. There are also tutorials for fabulous projects to guide you through the creative process. Join up to follow us and you will be guaranteed to receive all of the lasts Hope & Gloria News as it happens.